2008 East Coast Bigfoot Conference



Welcome to the 2008 East Coast Bigfoot Conference Speakers Page!

Disclaimer:  The speakers listed below are subject to change without notice. Appearances by the guest speakers are subject to last minute changes and cancellations. The 2008 East Coast Bigfoot Conference will not issue refunds for cancellation of speakers.

The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society is not responsible for changes in the speaker line up.   Listed below are biographies from the speakers scheduled to appear at the conference. 

Diane Stocking, Mims Florida

Diane was raised in Cutler Ridge, Florida, which was the Black Swamp, and part of the Everglades before it was drained and built on in the early 50's. With the early 70's came many Sasquatch flaps in South Florida; this is what grabbed her attention, and subsequently, became her life's passion.

Diane is President of Stocking Hominid Research, Inc., a non-profit organization based in
. Diane spent many years as a BFRO Curator and is well known and well respected in the field of Bigfoot/Sasquatch studies.

 degree is in Forestry, and she thrives in the woods. Diane also enjoy's wildlife photography.  She has 3 great boys; George, Boomer, and Curtis.  Diane has a reputation as a no non sense tell it like it is researcher.

Billy Willard. Manassas Virginia

Billy Willard, is Vice Presdient of an enviromental consulting firm and oversees such projects as leaking underrground petroleum tanks, soil and groundwater remediation projects and performs environmental site assessments.  Billy is an OSHA Hazwoper Supervisor and holds many other credentials. 

Billy became interested in the Bigfoot Phenomenon early in life as a kid after watching such movies as Legend of Boggy Creek and the Creature from Black Lake.  in 2005, Billy and his son Josh formed the Sasquatch Watch of Virginia. 

Billy is a member and investigator for the Mid America Bigfoot Research Center (M.A.B.R.C), The Alliance of Independant Bigfoot Researchers. (AIBR), the Northeast Sasquatch Researchers Association (NESRA), Squatchdetective and the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society (P.B.S.).

Sasquatch Watch of Virginia is a privately funded Bigfoot/Sasquatch scientific research organization.  We conduct field investigations and scientific field research within the areas of reported Bigfoot/Sasquatch encounters in Virginia.

Through the years, we have researched this mystery at numerous Bigfoot/Sasquatch encounter locations.  You may visit our website at www.sasquatchwatch.net  Billy will be joined by fellow Sasquatch Watch of Virginia member D.B. Donlon to discuss interesting sound recordings and followed by Bigfoot researcher Sally Ramey who will be discussing an interesting piece of possible evidence that has been collected. 

Tom L., Virginia

 Tom L became interested in the Bigfoot phenomenon with Billy Willard in 2005.  His initial interest specifically stemmed from a visit with an educated man who had a sighting in Virginia and subsequently invested aproximately $100k or more on Bigfoot research equipment.   Subsequently, Tom had a sighting in a region of the Adirondacks, which has had numerous sighting reports.  Having a background in science (i.e., undergradute and graduate science studies), this hobby has allowed Tom the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with friends while persuing scientific field studies of the Bigfoot phenomenon.

Bob Chance, Maryland

Bob Chance began an interest in hiking an exploring as a ten year old.  Scanning the gunpowder floodplain for box turtles.   One thing led to another due to patient parents, a lifelong quest and following your spirit.  His interest in the Appalachian primate began after a canoe trip at the Muddy Creek Gorge in the fall of 1969 and continued with several incidents near the King and Queen Seat at Rocks State Park on Deer Creek, located in Hartford County.

Bob is the former Executive Director of the Lower Susquehanna Heritage Greenway, BelAir Town commissioners, a Board of Director for the Maryland Christmas Tree Growers Association, “Ranger Bob”  from Romper Room and the first science educator inducted into the Hartford County Teachers Hall of Fame.  He is also the author of a new book which was just released. 

Bob credits the friendly camaraderie at the 1978 Vancouver conference, the interaction of eastern research groups, and a yearn to paddle viewers as catalysts for his continuing interest in this desire to establish and protect all primates. Bob was 59 in June and resides on a small tree farm overlooking Conowingo at the head of the Chesapeake Bay.  (Photo Courtesy of Blake Mathys.)

You can contact Bob at

William Dranginis, Manassas Virginia

Bill Dranginis, age 49 is a surveillance and security expert from Manassas, Virginia.  In 1995 Bill had a sighting of a Bigfoot Creature while metal detecting with friends in the forests near Culpeper Virginia and has since then dedicated his free time and efforts to capturing video and or audio evidence as proof of the creatures existence. In 2001, Bill purchased a 24 foot mobile veterinary unit and converted it into the worlds only Bigfoot Research Lab. Bill spent over $50,000 to outfit the vehicle with state-of-the-art gear, most of it custom built. He mounted a Raytheon NightSight 200 thermal camera on a 25-foot-tall crank up mast that could detect an animal in the dark 800 yards away. The vehicle also had two night-vision scopes, a surface-to-aircraft radio, and TV monitors that can combine images from roof-mounted video cams into one 360-degree view, or receive feeds from remote cams in the woods. Bill sold the Bigfoot Research vehicle to purchase a more permanent Bigfoot research station in the hills of West Virginia. Bill is a highly respected researcher in the field and will be discussing his latest creation, the "EyeGotcha" Digital Video surveillance system. This system is virtually sound proof and can be deployed in the forests for long periods of time. The camera captures full motion video and audio that can be uploaded to a computer for later analysis.  Bill feels this may be the break-through the Bigfoot field has waited for as far as the ability to capture video and audio of the Bigfoot creatures. He has even created a company to manufacture and sell the EyeGotcha camera systems. Bill is also a FLIR Certified Level 1 Thermographer and has extensive knowledge with camouflage, concealment and deception techniques. Please visit Bill's website at:  www.virginiabigfootresearch.org 

(photo courtesy of Cryptomundo.com)

Eric Altman, Jeannette Pennsylvania

Eric Altman is the Director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society.  Eric is 38 years old, and originally from Greensburg Pennsylvania; now residing in Jeannette.

Eric is the Chairman and the Organizer of the East Coast Bigfoot Conference.  Eric has been investigating the Bigfoot/Sasquatch phenomenon for 27 years and conducting filed investigations since 1997.  Eric is a former BFRO member.  Eric is also a current member in the the Pennsylvania Paranormal Society where he serves as a consultant, the Pennsylvania Researchers Organization, The Center for Unexplained Phenomenon,  and the Mid America Bigfoot reserearch Center and Paranexus.  Eric has also writen articles for various magazines and publications.  Eric has conducted talks and presentations for the past several years for numerous conferences, clubs, organizations, schools and groups.  He recently had the priveledge of speaking for Penn State University as well as his High School Alma Matter.   

Eric is the co-host of the popular paranormal internet radio program "Beyond The Edge Radio," which can be found by visiting www.blogtalkradio.com/beyondtheedgeradio. 

Eric enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and the outdoors.  Eric's interests included ghosts and hauntings, UFO's and paranormal and of course the Bigfoot/Sasquatch mystery. 

To find out more visit www.pabigfootsociety.com.  Eric will be serving as this years Master of Ceremonies and speaking on the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society investigations from 2005 to present.